Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Fun Survey 1 (6-13-18)

First, let's start with your name:

Okay, Age and Birthday?
40, September 12th

So, How are you feeling today?
A little moody and sore

And why is that?
Fibro, it sucks

What's been going on so far today?
Sims 4, Working on my blogs, watching tv

Any other plans for the rest of it?
no plans, whatever happens happens

What about tomorrow?
not sure yet

Would you rather be sunburnt or pale?
pale, sunburns hurt

What cereal do you like most?

Are you addicted to these surveys?
Not addicted like I used to be back in myspace days

Ever done anything illegal when you were a minor?
no comment lol

What was your dream last night?
too sultry for this blog lol

Are you listening to any music right now?

What's prettier? Sunrise or Sunset?

Favorite TV show?
ghost adventures, dead files, rupaul's drag race

Whatcha eatin'?
nothing right now

Last doctor's appointment?
Some time in April

Have you ever had any teeth pulled?

Dream Vacation?

What's your favorite out of these three? Yellow, Blue, Purple?

Where do you like to get breadsticks from?
Pizza hut's breadsticks are da bomb

What's your favorite salad dressing?
honey mustard or creamy coleslaw

What words do you have trouble spelling?
necesary is the biggest one

What about pronouncing?

What are your thoughts on Hannah Montana?
that used to be a good show

Do you still watch Disney Channel?
Yep, cause I have a daughter

Last thing you ate? Drank?
black pepper & sea salt kettle cooked chips, and water 

Do you like your oreos with milk or alone?
with milk, especially since I'm not a big fan of Oreo

Do you still eat lunchables?
yep when they are on special lol 

What day of the week is it?

Do you write in a diary?
yes when I remember I have one lol 

Are you enjoying your summer?
No, and it just started lol

Any vacations you've gone on or coming up?
haven't been on vacation in awhile, and none planned

Is tomorrow going to be a good day for you?
hope so

Do you like to be silly?
sure, its fun 

How many times have you used the bathroom today?
I don't count, I just go when I gotta go

What was the last movie you watched?
Avengers : Infinity Wars

Can you juggle?

How do you think the world started?
As a Catholic, i tend to believe what is written in the bible about it.....most days

How do you believe the world will end?
I try not to think of it

Turn your head to the left, whats the first thing you see?
my dad sitting on the couch

Now to the right, what do you see?
my tv

Are you talking to anyone right now?
if you mean in general, I am talking to my daughter as I write this

Last thing you laughed about?
My daughter trying to dance to soca making funny faces

Is the remote close to you?
yes it is 

What do you want more than anything?
good health, and a second baby

Clean copy in the comments for those who want to copy and paste for themselves. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Get to know me....

I wish more people did these. It's fun to learn things about people...😊😊😊
▪️Favorite Smell - Vanilla, Coconut, Mango, Lily of the Valley
▪️ First Job - Working with my mom at the factory during summer
▪️Current job - Stay-at-home mom & YouTuber (yes its a job lol)
▪️Dream job-
Forensic Scientist
▪️Astrological Sign - virgo
▪️Favorite Pizza- meat lovers from pizza hut with alfredo sauce instead
▪️Birthdate - 9/12
▪️Favorite dog- huskies, samoyeds, english bulldogs
▪️Favorite cat - all kinds
▪️Favorite foot attire - barefoot
▪️Favorite candy - too many to name
▪️Favorite Ice Cream- mint chocolate chip, heavenly hash, Elk crossing (president's choice and no there's no elk in it lol)
Favorite pie - pumpkin & apple crumble
▪️Favorite thing to hear - my daughter tell me she loves me without me saying it first
Favorite Show - Too many
▪️Color of eyes - blue-grey
▪️Favorite Holiday - Halloween
▪️Nights or Day person- Night
▪️Favorite day of week- friday
▪️Tattoos- 9 1/2
▪️Like to cook - when I'm not in pain yes
▪️Beer or wine - hard liquor
▪️Can you drive a manual transmission - no
Skate backwards - no
▪️Favorite color - pink
▪️Favorite vegetable - brussel sprouts
▪️Glasses or contacts- neither
▪️Favorite season - spring and fall
Come on...
someone do this with me. Let's take a break from the negativity & learn about each other. It’s FUN! Hold finger on post, hit copy & paste to your status!
(clean version in comments)